tagebuch. July 13. what not to do on holiday

Wise words 😉


June 13 What not to do on holiday.

And broadly speaking what not to do on holiday is annoy the people who you really, really like ‘cos you must do, ‘cos you’ve come on holiday with them! And thinking any other way isn’t going to help…

And what I specifically mean is not the scarily quickly out of control ‘we’ve made a big mistake’, I never said I liked North Wales’, or ‘ I told you there’d be nothing to do in the Seychelles, now we have to talk to each other…’ type of argument that may well preface family breakdown, but more the low level paternal I know a bit more about everything than everybody else and they really need my advice type annoyance at which I can, by general family agreement, really excel.

So, for example, we were in the Canaries in the spring. At breakfast…

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