Some Moments from Sister Franziska´s Life. Part 5.


Sister Franziska with friends. Fasching celebration in the DDR

Sister Franziska, ex right. at a Fasching Party in the DDR in the late 1960s.

It’s the 24 June, 1964. Sister Franziska is now thirty two. She is waiting in a queue to cross the border into the DDR. It’s the hottest day of the year. She´s a little afraid of the border, but much more she´s afraid that she will faint before she gets there.

What anyone was allowed to take from West Germany into the old East was strictly controlled and limited. For that reason Sister Franziska and the other Sisters in Münster had thought it would be a good idea today as she set for her new life on the far side of the Wall, for her to wear one nun´s habit over another, and also two blouses, two underskirts, two coats….

“I´m going to die…” she whispered to herself as the queue shuffled forwards.

She tried…

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