A Budget to be proud of…..


IMG_0426 Disabled handrail. Thanks to George we know how destructive they can be!

It´s well known that George Osborne and David Cameron are great admirers of the Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher. It´s less well known perhaps, that George Osborne is a supporter of gay marriage and equal opportunities for ethnic minorities but that does not mean that a different and dangerous minority group can pull the wool over his eyes.

Because, as you may remember, there was a global financial collapse in 2008 which as today´s budget will testify, had nothing to do with banks, dodgy deals in the City or inflated house prices in the United States, but everything to do with disabled people in Britain, without a thought for the global implications, getting handrails or walking sticks and other aids that, you see, they don´t really need.

For the centerpiece of austerity in George´s budget today will be stopping…

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