Free Money Day



Buildings burning on the box, refuges, homes, forests in flames. Night after night. Be good to do something, anything. So last Thursday I made a start. But first back to the Wednesday before.  My wife and I eating our evening meal on the sofa. Pointless soap opera on the tv. My wife says.

-So tell me again. I wasn´t really listening.

-I want to give money away.

-OK, whose money would that be?

-My money.

She cuts me a sideways glance.

-Our money. I say.

-How much?

-Twenty euro.

-Fine. Why do we watch this?

She flips through some channels.

Free Money Day started in 2011 in Australia, and has gone viral, as they say…… sort of. Every 15 September ordinary people take it upon themselves to approach total strangers on the street and give them money. And there´s no catch. Except that they´re asked to pass half of what…

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